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Columbia Community Exchange of Howard County

SkillShareFair and Repair Cafe on 7/14 from 1-4pm at Elkridge Library

SCHEDULE for July 14

SkillShairFair 12-4pm:

Mini workshops on Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tasks

  • 12pm-Create materials for plastic bag sleeping mats with Millie 
  • 1pm-Rewire a lamp/lights with Charlie 
  • 1:30pm-Make homemade toiletries with Kristine 
  • 2pm-How to repair a hole in a wall with Matt 
  • 2:30pm-Simple caulking with Eric 
  • 3pm-Screen repair with Matt 
  • 3:30pm-Sewing for beginners with Mikki 
  • 11am-3pm- Plastic Bag Sleeping Mats Community Project Table 

DIY Book Swap 1-4pm:

  • Bring unwanted DIY books to swap
  • Take a new DIY book home
  • FREE to everyone

Repair Cafe 1-4pm:

Preregister your broken item at Repair Cafe.

Read about Transition Howard County's Repair Cafe and Howard County's Time Bank here

Learn about Elkridge Library & DIY Education Center here.