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Columbia Community Exchange of Howard County

Saturday, June 1st 2019 1:00 PM — 3:00 PM

Koudi Quilt Workshop: Create a Collage of Memories with a Koudi Quilt!


Create a Collage of Memories with a Koudi Quilt!

Join us to learn about Koudi quilt making from Time Bank member Jovita Vas!  This interactive session will feature the history of the craft, plus a hands-on demonstration of the method.  Come, learn and create your own quilt!  Limited seating available.  Registration required.  RSVP required.  RSVP here.        

"Koudi is a hand-quilting method popular in villages of Karnataka, India.  The art form reflects the customs and culture of the local people by use of motifs.  Quilts are constructed of used clothing available in the home and hand sewn by simple running-stitch.  The end product is a personal reflection of the quilter." - Jovita 

RSVP REQUIRED by May 29.   RSVP here.  Or contact 410-884-6121 or

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